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Looking for info on 88-94 GM truck A/C control panel

someotherguy on Tue October 09, 2007 9:42 PM User is offline

Country of Origin: United States

Hi everybody, new guy here. Not an A/C wizard but trying to locate some information on troubleshooting the A/C control panel used in the 88-94 Chevy/GMC fullsize trucks.

This is the style I'm concerned with:

I'm aware of the TSB out there concerning the flashing "A/C" icon in the display being related to a low refrigerant charge/excessive cycling (or a wiring problem), but I'm looking for further info on the errors this unit can convey via the display. I'm trying to help someone that is having a problem with the arrows in the display flashing while changing modes to/from defrost, etc. I'm the moderator of a forum related to these trucks so having some reference material would help me and the other members a bunch.

I've already searched this forum with broad keywords such as just "Chevy" and "GMC" and didn't see anything other than mentions of that TSB; I guess that's a sign that not too many people are experiencing other problems so that's good - but I'd love to have some more info regarding these controls.

Thanks in advance!


railroadmike on Thu October 11, 2007 9:55 AM User is offline

I have an 89 C1500. My problem was the little man started to dance around like a flash. The air was cold but was coming out of the defroster vent. I never found any one that could help either. Went to Chevy dealer and got a rebuilt, 161.00 as I remember. I did notice that your picture has one more button on the bottom than mine, most likley a MAX air button. Not much help but a start. Mike

someotherguy on Thu October 11, 2007 10:35 PM User is offline

Thanks; in fact I'm trying to help someone in particular who already resorted to replacing his control with a brand new one and still has the problem. I think the problem is unique enough that it would be extremely unlikely both controls are bad, so it's got to be a problem elsewhere.


Chick on Thu October 11, 2007 10:45 PM User is offlineView users profile

Does it change to other functions correctly, like defrost, floor, vents etc? Or does it default to defrost when the Button flashes? Does the compressor stop working when it flashes, and are you sure it's fully charged?

GM Service bulliten 91-1b-73 should work for your problem, but make sure the cycling switch is working properly and all other electrical connections are good..The cycling switch will still shut it down on low charge...(cycle)

And did you reset the computer after changing the control head???

Email: Chick


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Edited: Thu October 11, 2007 at 10:57 PM by Chick

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