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Rear ac on limo not cold enough

patarusky on Mon August 27, 2007 4:30 PM User is offline

Year: 95
Make: caddy
Model: fleetwood
Engine Size: 350
Refrigerant Type: 134
Ambient Temp: 92
Pressure Low: 43
Pressure High: 220

I've got another limo issue. I know this is an older car so I don't expect it to freeze my face like my late model minivan does but I need it cold enough to rent it. Here's where I'm at. I've evac/recharged the system properly. No leaks. The limo builder says 3.8 lbs is the correct charge. Front is comfortable but the rear is not. So I removed the rear seat and cleaned the evaporator and housing. Removed all lint,trash from the fins etc.. and cleaned the housing as well. Slight improvement in temp and flow. So I checked the expansion valve and it was not flowing properly so I replaced it. After recharge it was now much cooler but not cold enough yet. Then I checked all the fans, relays and compressor switches. Lots of flow and proper cycling. So I called the maker of the rear AC unit and he told me to check the sticker under the hood for the factory charge (3.125 lbs) and then add one pound for the rear. I did and it got a little colder. He also told me to install a manual valve to shut the water off going to the rear evap housing because caddy leaks are common and will make the rear warm. Did all that . Now I've tested it on a road trip for 20 minutes and here's what I get: temp-92, humidity-60%, low-43, high-220 (as the fans cycle it will go up to 245 and then down to 215) So I added a manual fan switch on the fan for the additional condenser in front and to the side of the radiator. That helped a little but it's still not enough. I am down to 3 things- 1)The solenoid on/ off switch that controls flow to the rear evap may not be opening all the way (however the line coming out of the housing is cold and sweating.)2) The compressor is weak for 2 systems.(I don't think so since the air gets cold just idling in the driveway and cools more as I drive down the highway-but not in the back)3) I don't have enough refrigerant. Am I missing something???? Thanks

patarusky on Sat September 29, 2007 5:47 PM User is offline

Well I finally gave up on this one so I took it to AMA (the folks who sponsor this forum) and they found a clogged orifice tube for the front AC but really no issues with the rear. They suggested a better condenser and maybe a new compressor might make a difference. They recharged the system (I guess I was undercharged somewhat) and now I have much better AC in the front and acceptable AC in the rear for now. And I was not overcharged in the least on the bill. How nice. I will do business with them again and post on this great forum for everybody to learn from. Thanks

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